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Montana Wilderness Outfitters offers a variety of rifle hunting options for Elk, Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Antelope, and Moose in Montana. Most of our trips are between 5 to 10 days and are offered as guided trips or drop camps. We have also partnered with some private ranches to offer you some superb hunting opportunities. Check out our list of hunts and give us a call to schedule your hunting trip today.

The terrain varies from easy to difficult. You can expect great scenery, and the challenge of hunting elk and other game. We recommend, if at all possible, that you arrive a day or two early. This will help you acclimate to the altitude and you can enjoy some sightseeing or hiking. We want you to keep in mind that your physical condition is very important. We want you to have a safe, enjoyable hunt!


Our Tented camp facility includes separate canvas sleep and cook tents. Each tent has a wood stove for heat! You will be sleeping on cots with foam mattress pads. We recommend that you bring warm sleeping gear as it can be cold at this elevation. Hot showers will also be made available upon your request in our heated shower tent.


You will be served breakfast, juice and plenty of cowboy coffee prior to each mornings hunt. A quality sack lunch will be provided each day to prevent wasting time returning to camp for a midday meal.


When you return the fires will be burning and a nice hot meal will be served. Our food is first class – you won’t be disappointed!
You are also able to hunt while traveling on your days in and out of camp. All of our hunts on horseback are to and from the base camp and to the hunting areas.


Licenses and Permits
Feel free to call us about our hunting area if you have questions. For license and permits visit Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks online. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Website >>
Note: Due to the great interest in Montana hunting, and the limited number of hunts, we recommend booking as early as possible to get the hunt that you wish. We limit the number of hunters that we book each year to insure better quality hunting for everyone. We fill our hunts in the order in which we receive the deposits. The first to make their deposit will receive their first choice and so on…



Our rates include Outfitted Tent Camps with saddle horse and pack mule transportation on Wilderness Backcountry Trips; Lodge, Cabin or Motel lodging on Private Ranch Trips with 4 wheel drive ground transportation; 2 on 1 guide service; all prepared meals on scheduled hunt days; and group camp equipment. There are additional fees for your hunting licenses and permits; Lodging, meals and ground transportation before and after your scheduled hunt days; 1 on 1 Guide service; Game meat processing and shipping; taxidermy and shipping.

2019 Rifle Hunting Trips

All our Hunts listed except Drop Camps are guided 2 on 1. Lodging, Meals, and Ground Transportation are provided in our hunting areas. Private Guides 1 on 1 are available for an additional cost of $150/day. Custom Hunting Trip packages not listed are available. Backcountry Wilderness Drop Camps are set up Tented Camps with meals and our Cook in Camp.
Licenses and Permits
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Website >>

7 Day Backcountry Elk Drop Camp
Hunting District 362/310

Per Person

5-10 Day Backcountry Black Bear, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Bison Hunting
Moose Hunting District 309/310 361/362

Bighorn Sheep Hunting District 302

Mountain Goat Hunting District 326/327 328/361/362

Bison Hunting District 395


Spring Black Bear Hunting District 341

Per Person Per Day 1 on 1 Guide included with a 5 day minimum cost of $4,975









$2,975 per person Black Bear hunt

3 Day Private Ranch Anterless Elk & Deer

Per Person

5 Day Private Ranch Antelope Hunt

Per Person

5 Day Private Ranch Trophy White Tail Deer and Cow Elk

Per Person

5 Day Private Ranch Trophy
Mule Deer Hunt
Hunting District 703

Per Person

7 Day Backcountry Elk Hunt
Hunting District 362/310

Per Person

7 Day Wilderness Elk Hunt
Hunting District 362/310

Per Person



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